Carlos Angon

Digital Artist

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Hola! I'm Carlos Angon 🐣
I am a tech enthusiast with a passion for product development and experimentation.

I'm into technology and when I'm not coding, I learn about product development, programming languages and try to do a good job as a dad and husband.

Lately, I've been integrating myself in the Latin America tech community. (It is huge!)

I enjoy being a part of local groups Tulsa Web Devs and Tulsa UX.

If I'm feeling creative I share samples of miscellaneous jobs on Dribbble and Soundcloud.

I try to maintain a blog of my latest endeavors when I have time.

There are a few projects I'm currently working on my Github profile and I share random thoughts and updates on Twitter and Instagram.

Companies I had the pleasure to work with and learn from.
Precision Screen Manufacturing
Technology Director

2017 - Present

At PSM, I’m currently developing software solutions for the company's challenges and ever-chaging needs. I contribute to the development of applications built with Javascript, Python and maintain an internal ERP system hosted on AWS. I participate on all hardware, software evaluations and technical solutions. I deal with legacy code and I’m in charged of migrating outdated systems in to up-to-date solutions.

Wed Dev Supervisor / UI / UX / DEV

2015 - 2017

Working at Fabricut I had the opportunity to work a few different roles. Mainly the liaison between engineers, marketing and sales team. While working with Fabricut, I designed an enterprise e-commerce application from collectiong requirements, wireframes to delivery. Helped improve user experience on multi-brand SERPs. Contributed to maintenance and CI of applications built on Ruby on Rails and JS in a team environment. Educated company executives and departments leadership on applications progress and delivery targets. Developed marketing strategies based on industry trends and fought against becoming a competitor focused company.

Consumer Affairs
UI / UX Design

2013 - 2014

Working at Consumer Affairs I had the chance of working on an application with over 8 million visitors per month. I gathered and evaluated user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers. Focused on audience development and growth. Designed desktop and mobile innovative features. Developed brand and website for business B2B branch. Strategized narrow focus on growth, visitors and daily active users. Conceptualized product design based on analytical response.

Creative Director / UI Design

2009 - 2012

At GuRuStu I worked on at various departments and collaborations involving branding, marketing, PR, web design, print and project management. Conceptualized creative solutions for clients needs. Created multiple unique brands for unique clients. Planned and executed proficient techniques to manage projects. Tutored interns on digital media trends and subjects. Directed creation of website designs, ads, videos, and graphic animation from start to finish. Helped out with general office duties.

A small collection of a few recent projects including some augmented reality applications as well as some 3D experiments using JavaScript.

Personal Landing Page | A visual experience built with ThreeJs


LatinxWhoCode | An open source directory for developers by developers built with Reactjs, Redux and Firebase.


Furniture Project | Augmented reality experiment built with React Native, ThreeJs and ARKit.


Venus de Milo | Augmented reality experiment built with React Native, ThreeJs and ARKit.


Canapé | A furniture simulator built to help users visualize fabric on 3D model built with ThreeJs.


Venus de Milo Low Polygon Visual Experiment | A visual experiement built with ThreeJs.

Other creative experience
A list of creative events, talks and small gigs I've been a part of.
  • 2018 Open-Source Contributor @ Mozilla Perf.html tool.
  • 2018 Open-Source Contributor @ Mozilla Debugger.
  • 2017 How the Web Works at Tulsa Public School.
  • 2015 Develop a Mobile App from idea to code implementation class at Oklahoma State University.
  • 2015 Continues Self-Optimization at 200ok Conf.
  • 2014 Data-Driven Design Presentation as Tulsa Techfest OSU.
  • 2012 Rebranded, Tulsa SPCA as well as participated and managed online promotion and fundraisers.
What I do

UI Design
Full-Stack Developer
User Experience Advocate
Lean Product Development
Prototyping MVP
Adobe CC