Music Club Logo

I was asked to create a fun logo for my son’s music class called “Music Club”. I like the aesthetic but I don’t think it fits the demographic.

One Man Startup

Developing a social network by myself has proven to be slightly more laborious than anticipated. I’ve been working on an (buzzword) MVP to validate the assumption that there is a market for my experiment. Below you will find a series of notes, drafts, wireframes, code examples and ui/ux work I’ve been working on (mostly at night) for the past year.

I’ve interviewed a handful of potential users, friends and colleagues and have progressively applied their (reasonable) feedback over a series of iterations this past year. After dozens of demos, I’ve come to learn that no one really believes in your vision until you show them, when the idea is almost palpable.

Lately, I feel as if I want to fail as soon as possible.

Developing a logo/brand for tierly

::Yeah I used the golden ratio… what’s up?::

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